Janet Jade Thompson

Growing up with both old world influences and down to earth freethinking parents I learned to appreciate the psychic gifts that have been passed from generation to generation from both sides of my family. My father, Transylvanian-born, gave me my first Tarot deck at the age of eight. My mother, with both Irish and Scottish heritage, spent time reading cards for fun. She read a regular deck of playing cards with amazing accuracy and insight. She and her mother taught me to trust my intuition and maintain a deep faith, while my paternal grandmother gave me strong examples of how to get through anything life throws at us.

From an early age, I could hear (clairaudient) and feel energies (clairvoyant), smell scents and “know” things (clairsentient – Intuitive feeling or knowing. Sometimes this can include the ability to perceive odors, tastes, emotional feelings or touch). My psychic abilities grew stronger as I grew up and now have more than forty years helping people find the answers they seek. Strange occurrences have followed me through my life and my mediumship ability allows me to use spirit writing /automatic writing, as well as psychic art. A NDE (near death experience) in ’06 deepened my abilities. I maintain an international client list, many who have been coming to me for decades.

My books in print include — Magical Hearth: Home for the modern pagan — and — Of Witches: Celebrating the Goddess as a solitary pagan — (also published in ebook format and Kindle). Both books have seen world wide success and translation. I still receive letters from readers from around the world that fill my heart with gratitude.

Other writings include three volumes out in ebook format and many hundreds of new age articles about psychic ability, magick, gods and goddesses, the Higher levels and various other topics. I love people, humour, history, writing, technology, the paranormal and more. My University degree courses included world religions, history, mythology, philosophy and psychology, all which aid me during your reading.

“Everything happens for you, not to you”
– Byron Katie

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