Dreams of Death and Funerals

What does it mean when you dream you are dead, or dying, funerals?


Dreams of death, of dying, of funerals or coffins – these can be frightening, often more frightening than “horror” type dreams. These kings of dreams feel so real, we can wake up crying, screaming, paralyzed with fear.

Yet, like the Death card in a Tarot deck, dreams of death and funerals can be the symbolic burying of one phase of our lives, opening into the next. In a dream state, we allow ourselves permission to mourn (in terms we’re used to) that which our higher self knows we have to release.

Alternatively, dreams of attending the funeral of someone unknown can be very unnerving, disturbing. These dreams indicate a desire to release the negativity in our lives, to allow for healing and personal growth.

Keep detailed journal entries about these types of dreams, including the time of year, what important days are going on, what you’re trying to let go of, the changes you want in your life, etc. All the things that can indicate a shift in your path, a growth period, a movement forward.

Copyright – J.J.Thompson

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