Mute Dreams – Unable to Speak

What does it mean when you are unable to speak in a dream?


Although mute dreams can be quite frightening, they generally have a much-less sinister dream meaning. Being unable to talk in a scary dream can mean that the monsters are something your deep-self knows you created. Your shouting or screaming is unnecessary. Silent dreams, where talking isn’t possible; when you can’t say anything in a dream, look at how it reflects your interactions with other people, with the world at large. Often, our dreams say more about what other energy we let in, than our own. We fear being judged.

If the mute condition is in a dream of a romantic nature, then you harbor secret feelings for the one you dream of. Our dreams can be the buffer we need to sift through our feelings about another person. It’s a place that can help us to sort out what we really feel. Not being able to talk in a dream can be part of that process. Speaking, being vocal, is unnecessary. It’s a matter of “listening”.

If the fact you can’t speak in your dream is included in a dream of searching, looking, wandering, then your dream-mind is on the task at hand and there is no reason to voice anything. You are in tune with the seeking. You have a definite purpose and are focused on that. Speaking is unnecessary.

Occasionally a non-speaking dream can mean that one has silenced a part of the self that wishes to express things that push our boundaries, or make us uncomfortable to think about. Pick up a pen immediately after waking and let the words flow. See what comes up.

Copyright – J.J.Thompson

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