Dreams of Losing Teeth

What does it mean when you dream of your teeth falling out?


Dreams can be so unnerving, especially when they test our basic needs. Dreams of losing teeth, crumbling teeth or embarrassing moments with dentures…these all push the boundary of what we feel is necessary in life. Our teeth affect not only our nourishment, but our appearance, in a world where looks are stressed as important.

We rely on our smile, and that includes our teeth. When a dream includes the loss of teeth, it is indicating you’re allowing stress to fuel your fears about losing what is essential in your life.

Generally about financial and physical topics, losing teeth is usually not seen in relation to love worries. Other physical oddities indicate loss of self in love, but usually the teeth are indicative of necessary things for life.

If the dream consists of pain from dental extraction, this indicates you’re not ready to give up. You’re ready to fight beyond even the rational limits. Trust that this message has more to do with compromise, than irrational decision making.

Put your fears aside by knowing that dreams about losing your teeth have more to do with fearing loss of ability, than loss of looks.

Copyright – J.J.Thompson

Tags – dream of teeth falling out, broken teeth, teeth removed


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