Dreams of Being Lost or Trapped

What does it mean when you dream you are lost or trapped?


When we dream of being lost, wandering in the wilderness or abandoned city, feeling trapped, being locked away….all of these dream themes point to our own feelings of something missing in our lives, a feeling of needing to search, but we don’t know for what. It’s about our own feeling of being “settled” into our lives.

That is not to say it rules out adventure or spontaneous action. This is more about a feeling like we are stalled as humans in a growth mire. Unable to embrace spiritual growth, our dream time lets us “search” for ourselves, search for what will give us fulfillment.

Be patient with the dreams of being lost, looking, or trapped. At times it can take many journeys in, to figure it out. Sometimes we outgrow that time in our lives which it represented. Journal each dream experience and see what happens as the looking continues.

Copyright – J.J.Thompson

Tags – lost dreams, trapped in a dream, nightmare trapped


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