Chased in a Dream

What does it mean when you are being chased in a dream?


Being chased and chasing something or someone else, can have a number of undertones. Often, in dreams, an opposite meaning emerges, so we see chasing and being chased as two sides of the same coin.

When you are being chased, the surroundings, environ, mood and other participants can make differences in the dream’s message.

For example, if you’re being chased by your boss, you need to examine how far you’re letting the underachieving go. If your boss is chasing you, you are gaining confidence about your position and the possibility that you are equal or better at the boss’s job.

If you’re being chased by an animal or creature, you struggle at the moment with which direction your emotions need to go. These dreams often emerge just after or during a break up, requiring our attention to the future road ahead.

If you’re being chased to a cliff’s edge, make sure you’ve thought about all your options. You’re ignoring or cannot see the one possible road that would actually move you forward. That cliff edge reminds us.

When we have dreams of chase, it is always a moment to reflect on what we’re running away from in our lives. And are the choices we run toward, the right ones? Let dream analysis give you clarity.
Copyright – J.J.Thompson

Tags – chased in dreams, dream of running


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