Psychic and Prophetic Dreams

As children, we were conditioned to relegate dreams to the “just a dream” file. Most often kids are told this because it may help to alleviate the fears of nightmares and bad dreams. I was fortunate to have parents who understood that dreams weren’t all about what foods I ate for dinner, or which scary movie I watched. (although the mummy dreams were likely a side-effect of bad tv)
Some dreams have meanings and others even deeper meanings. It is important to trust where you receive your interpretations. If your “gut” tells you the meaning was a particular thing, it’ a good bet you should listen. Your instinct is far more accurate than anything or anyone else. Trust yourself and your own thoughts.
Our psychic dreams are a way for us to release information to our human selves and can benefit us as though we were getting hints from the Universe. (which is pretty much how it works)

Our dreams give us a chance to receive messages that our conscious mind might disregard. Our dreaming state is a much more open state to gain wisdom, visits, information.

That wisdom can sit waiting for just the moment to reveal itself and other information can be with us upon waking. Often we lose the message within minutes of waking, our physical brains overriding the images as wakefulness takes over. Dream journals are a tremendous help with just this kind of waking. Get the details down for those few moments they remain with you. These bits can be very insightful.

Not all dreams have direct meanings pertinent to your daily life, but some most assuredly do. Keep a journal, try to get details down and find an interpreter you feel comfortable with. These are often personal images and you should trust your psychic advisor.

Copyright – J. Thompson

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