Dreams of Being Late

What does it mean when you are late to an event or appointment?


Having dreams of being late for an appointment or event, can cause us to feel like the Mad Hatter. Out of sorts and confused, racing after something we’re not even sure is there. Dreams of lateness get right into the crux of who we are and how much perfection we expect from ourselves.

The feeling of “lateness” can cause us to panic, scrambling to make it somewhere before it’s “too late”. That phrase is a social no no. We are a world of clock-watchers and schedules. The idea of going against social convention and being late to a thing, means we’re not longer part of the norm.

A dream about being late can also indicate a fear of not measuring up. When you dream you’re late, make sure to examine what it is you feel inadequate about and go from there.

Copyright – J.J.Thompson

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