Dreams of Falling / Slipping

What does it mean when you are falling in a dream?


Dreams of falling are one of the most common of our night time travels. Jolting back into bed as we come awake, our hearts racing as we feel that sensation of falling for a few moments after sleep abandons us.

Some dream interpreters offer the theory of feeling inadequate or like you are failing. Failing / falling.

Yet the one thing we feel in a fall is the weightlessness. Whether it’s a falling dream, a sinking dream, a floating dream or a flying dream, the common theme is weightlessness. Dreams of falling that carry negative associations or emotions represent the letting go of the past, letting negative feelings fall away.

If falling dreams begin, keep notes about them and how your life is going, what you are letting stress you and how you are dealing with that.

Copyright – J.J.Thompson

Tags – falling dreams, dreams of slipping


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